There is one thing that affects the way your clothes look on you over anything else. If I had to pick one thing that you put into place over ignoring anything else I would say that one thing would be your fitness.


Not only is this about getting your clothes to look good, this is about getting you to look good. You have to start with the foundation of anything to build on top of it. A bad foundation equals a bad building. Your body is your foundation and the more you take care of it the better your overall style will benefit.

Your Body Will Thank You Later

You obviously know all the health factors involved with not working out or being/becoming overweight so why even risk that? Start working out for your own health and benefit from the huge benefit of looking better.


This one improvement to your lifestyle will have the BIGGEST effect on everything else you do, trust me. Working out is and always will be the number one best improvement I made to my lifestyle. The rest fell into place that much easier because of this.


Having the dedication to try and look better means nothing if you don’t have the dedication to actually improve your body.

The Benefits Of Being Fit

Your body’s shape will automatically make anything you wear look good if you’re in shape. It will obviously do the opposite if you’re not fit. Though there are things that you could wear to mask being unfit, you aren’t taking your style to the level it could be at.


Yes, there are people who have a few extra pounds that have amazing style but this post is for those who aren’t happy with their current look and that want to improve it. Thus, fitness is the number one thing I recommend to people when the ask the question of what could they start doing immediately to improve their style.


By having a fit body tailored clothing and fitted clothes create the silhouette that looks best on men. This is both appealing to women and to a person’s own self esteem. The great thing about this tip is that it affects not only the look of a man but it also influences the second most important part of looking good, confidence.


A confident and fit man will have a great starting point on which to build a closet for kings. Almost any choice that a confident and fit man makes will be a good one when it comes to fashion and if you add on top of that all rules, ideas and advice that are paramount in men’s fashion you will achieve a winning look every time.

Start Your Workout Plan Today

To help with this tip I will provide some great workout tips as well as some good diet ideas to get you started:


Top 5 Diet Plans

South Beach Diet

NSNG (No Sugar – No Grains)

The Paleo Diet

Weight Watchers Diet


Top 5 Workout Improvements

Work Out First Thing In The Morning Before Food – This was probably the best tip I received. Working out in the morning uses your bodies reserves for energy instead of burning what you eat. I saw results that much faster this way.

Include Supplements For Faster Results – I love PPN Gunpowder in the morning 30 minutes before my workout and an hour before I eat. You can try others though since there are a lot of good ones out there.

Try to Workout Daily (Consistency)

Don’t Overwork Muscles (Need Recovery) – You need to have some rest in between workouts so that the muscles have time to recover.

Eat Enough Calories To Fuel Your Body – Calorie Deficiency is just as bad as eating too much. Find the right balance.