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Get your free ebook on the different types of men's face types and the hairstyles that are perfect for each. Learn how to find out which face type you have.

7 Tricks to Improve Dating | How Style Affects Your Life – Part 1

This post is part of a series of posts called 'How Style Affects Your Life' which will cover the basics of how fashion and style intertwine with our everyday lives.

The Most Important Part Of A Man’s Style: Fitness [UPDATED]

There is one thing that affects the way your clothes look on you over anything else. If I had to pick one thing that you put into place over ignoring anything else...

5 simple mens fashion rules improve style

5 Simple Men’s Fashion Rules To Improve Your Style

Five simple and quick rules to follow to improve your look. These tips are pretty much the lowest hanging fruit to implement and start the journey to looking like a million bucks.

Top Mens Dress Shoes Guide

Top Men’s Dress Shoes: Men’s Dress Shoe Guide

Every man needs a good pair of dress shoes in their wardrobe whether they need them for work or for a night out on the town. Check out this Men's Dress shoe guide and the top dress shoe's we suggest.

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Well, it is now officially summer. Those summer days of 90+ degree weather are here. These 8 tips will help you stay comfortable while being able to look your best.

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Top 12 Swim trunks (shorts, whatever you want to call them) for you to look your best in the pool, beach or lake. Take a look through some of these awesome men's swim shorts.

Top 5 Hair Style Products For Men

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How To Get The Perfect Hair Style

Choosing the right hairstyle is something that requires research and thought. It requires patience and dedication. With the right guide and information you can achieve the perfect hairstyle for your face type and look your best.

8 Men’s Spring & Summer Outfit Ideas

[4 NEW OUTFITS] 8 Spring Fashion Outfit Ideas for Men looking for simple yet stylish looking outfits to wear for Spring and Summer. Releasing 4 more next weekend.

Top 5 Men’s Jean Brands 2017

The following 5 brands are the top men's jeans brands on the market currently for 2017. Based on personal experiences, online reviews and research.

10 Unique Spring Men’s Fashion Ideas

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Men's Slim wallets

Men’s Wallets: Top 15 Men’s Slim Wallets

I have compiled a list of the best men's wallets that are slim and compact for those that want to be able to carry what they need without having to compromise on your style or comfort.

Shop This Style 4: Spring Casual

The outfit is a layered casual style. The blazer and vest have a houndstooth pattern and are a charcoal/brownish color.

Men’s Spring Color Guide

Check out this great infographic by JackThreads showing some great Spring color combinations.

22 Worst Men’s Fashion Mistakes To Avoid

22 different mistakes that men make when trying to look their best. Men's style is not as difficult or complicated as women's fashion and for that we are grateful, but there still are rules and things that should be noted when picking out your next outfit to wear.

Windowpane Sports Coat With Cardigan

Shop This Style 3: Windowpane Sports Coat With Cardigan

The outfit is a layered casual style. The blazer and vest have a houndstooth pattern and are a charcoal/brownish color.

Men’s Outerwear Guide: Peacoats 101

The peacoat is the most popular of men's outwear coats. Learn the tricks on how to look the best in your very own peacoat.

Shop This Style 2: Houndstooth Blazer & Vest

The outfit is a layered casual style. The blazer and vest have a houndstooth pattern and are a charcoal/brownish color.

Clothes and manners do not make the man; but when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance.

Arthur Ashe

Shop This Style Outerwear Stylish

Shop This Style 1: Layered Outerwear

This outfit is from a popular photo on Pinterest. The pieces I will discuss on this post are the jacket/coat, the sweater and the scarf.

Mens Suits Guide

The fundamentals of buying and wearing a suit. Rules and tips that every man should know before upgrading their dress look by wearing suits.