Summer is right around the corner (corner being 2 days). Yea I didn’t know that either. Even though for most Memorial Day in May is the start of the summer season it really starts June 20th. For the next 3 months we will have amazing 90+ degree weather to deal with – which by the way is the topic of next week’s post: How to look your best and manage the heat). With that great heat comes the need for us to head to either the pool, ocean or lake and take a swim.

For that reason, I have decided to dedicate a post to men’s swimwear. I have worn tons of different swim shorts (swim trunks as they call them) and have even tried speedos. With that said let’s start with our first tip on men’s swimwear:

Speedos aren’t what I would call very 2017 so I suggest you stay away from them and stick with swim shorts.


Stick with swim trunks. They just look better and wearing speedos makes you look extremely creepy though I hear in Europe they are more popular. Here in the states use swim shorts. I have a few brands I always go for when buying swim shorts.

If you have an unlimited amount of funds in your bank account and want to see how rich people shop head on over to Esquire list from ‘2017’ (rehashed post from 2014 as you can see from their URL:

For everyone else, these are my top 5:


A company that does great in anything water related they make exceptional swim shorts. They call them board shorts and claim to have been making them since 1969. I am sure they have had to keep up with the changes in style so they know what is in fashion and wasn’t doesn’t work anymore. I’d give them a look and check out their different styles.

Here are 4 styles I prefer from Quicksilver (FYI the expensive high class white are high class for a reason. They are expensive AF. But they look awesome for someone who can afford it.):


Another pretty well-known company. These guys have even more names for swim shorts. They’ve got even more names to swim shorts than any other company I have seen. They haven’t been around as long as Quiksilver but they have been around since 1991. They are a great company for every water related. My favorite Volcom choices:


Probably one of the more widely known swimwear brands. There’s not much I could say about this company you probably don’t already know but here is a neat fact: In December of last year their CEO was found guilty of fraud and forgery and was sentenced to jail. Cool, I know and very relevant to deciding what to purchase when deciding for swim shorts. They are based out of Australia.