There are certain rules and understood parameters created for men’s fashion that are pretty straight forward most of the time. Some are must follow while others are laxer in terms of needing to do them all the time. So below I have included 22 different mistakes that men make when trying to look their best. Men’s style is not as difficult or complicated as women’s fashion and for that we are grateful, but there still are rules and things that should be noted when picking out your next outfit to wear. I know that the following mistakes will help you know what to look out for so that you don’t do your style a disservice.


  1. Wearing Sneakers outside of the gym

    Wearing sneakers outside the gym and especially for dressier outfits is just wrong and should be avoided. For certain casual outfits wearing sneakers that look good is OK but for the majority of outfits, I’d go with either boots, dress boots, or of course, dress shoes. There are enough type of men’s shoes outside of sneakers to wear with any outfit.

  2. Stay away from big flashy clothing lines

    This refers to anything that looks like a walking billboard for a brand or company. Subtle logos and branding are expected of any clothing piece but when you get into Ed Hardy territory you have to just stay away from it. It makes you look ridiculous and if you ever want to be taken seriously you will follow this one. Pretty self-explanatory.

  3. White socks dress shoes

    We all know someone who has worn white socks with dress shoes thinking that no one will ever even see them. Maybe even you have done it, I know I used to when I was younger but eventually, you sit down and cross your legs or something happens where the sock sticks out and you look extremely badly dressed and funny. Save yourself the embarrassment and get yourself some dress socks.

  4. Short sleeve dress shirt with tie

    DO NOT wear any short sleeve dress shirts with a tie unless you want to look like you work at a fast food joint. It doesn’t work and it looks like a bad attempt at trying to mix casual and dress into one. This just doesn’t look right and most people will notice the out of place tie. I personally don’t like short sleeve dress shirts at all but they are at least acceptable on their own.

  5. Popped collars

    Unless you are still in high school and want to look like the popular kid in school keep your collars down like they are supposed to be worn. Collars are collars for a reason and aren’t popped up because that is not how they are supposed to be worn. It makes the person wearing them that way look like a stuck up person that is trying to hard to look cool.

  6. Deep V-necks

    Any V neck shirt that goes 5-6 inches down or more is called a deep v neck and looks horrible on anyone. Yes, even someone who has muscles to show off or worse yet, someone with a lot of chest hair. This type of v neck should just be avoided. Resort back to your normal v neck and look like a decent human being.

  7. Not matching tie width with Lapel width

    This one is not so much a mistake as it is a tip when done right. Matching your lapel width with the width of your tie is a trick I learned from Aaron Marino and is one that definitely works for making the tie look right on you. There is something that just looks off when you wear a tie that is either too thick or worse yet too thin. Going the safe route of wearing similar lapel and tie widths will work every time.

  8. Buttoning all jacket buttons

    I mentioned this one on the 5 Simple Men’s Fashion Rules To Improve Your Style and is one that is worth repeating. This is a men’s style law and should never be broken for the same reasons described in that post. Basically, to summarize, jackets and even some vests are made in such a way that the bottom button is supposed to be left undone and buttoning that one up will make the jacket hug the body incorrectly and destroy the perfect silhouette that a well fitting jacket achieves on a man.

  9. Too much cologne

    This is one I have seen, or smelled, too often. Two to three sprays of any cologne should be enough for anyone for an entire day. If you buy cheap or rip off cologne then, of course, this may not be the case.  Based on what I have read online and what I have done most of my adult life for cologne is to spray my neck on each side and once on one wrist and then rub my wrists together. These pulse points are warm and help keep the cologne smelling right throughout the day.

  10. V-neck shirt under a dress shirt

    Try and wear a v neck when wearing a dress shirt as it looks better than a crew neck undershirt if you decide to unbutton the top few buttons. The v neck compliments the opening left by the open buttons of any dress shirt while a crew neck tee would clash with it. It isn’t a style sin to wear a crew neck but IMO it helps to wear a v neck instead underneath.

  11. Square toe dress shoes

    Any dress shoes that have square toes should be avoided, and if in your closet, thrown away. They used to be more accepted in the past but in today’s world, they look tacky and wrong.

  12. Suspenders and belt

    Wearing both suspenders and belts is like trying to accomplish the same thing with two different tools. Both the belt and suspenders were created to hold up pants on men, and so having one or the other is enough to achieve this goal. Wearing both makes you look extremely odd and clueless about the reasons for wearing either.

  13. Too tight clothes

    Wearing tight clothes for the sake of trying to look muscular or better is not recommended. Wear good fitting clothes that fit you correctly and even go a size smaller for specific types of clothing (peacoats for example) but overdoing this and going for tight clothes is a big mistake. Any fashion sense you may have will be destroyed in the eyes of the beholder once they see that you look like a Pillsbury dough-boy grasping for air.

  14. Too loose clothes

    On the other end of the spectrum, wearing baggy clothes, or clothes that are too loose is even worse in my oppinion. Always make sure that your suits are tailored and that you wear your correct size in pants and shirts.

  15. Pants that are too long

    Any pants that puddle at the bottom of your legs makes you look ridiculous and destroys any good looking outfit. Always hem your pants if they are too long or buy the correct size in the first place. We may gain weight but our height stays the same so there is no excuse for this mistake. A good fitting pant should only bend once on the front and be straight on the back, but only low enough to be about 1 inch to .5 inch off the ground.

  16. Boot cut pants

    I bought a pair of pants the other day from Macy’s (INC brand specifically. They offer some amazing styles that look extremely stylish in different washes and shades. I highly recommend them.) and noticed that one of them had a “Copenhagen boot cut” of which I had never purchase before. I didn’t even try them on since I liked the past INC pants I had bought and when I went to wear them I noticed they opened up at the bottom way too much. They looked almost like mini bell bottoms of the 1960’s. Needless to say, they were returned and I recommend you do the same if you have any boot cut pants.

  17. Socks and sandals

    Wearing socks with sandals is just plain uncomfortable most of all. If you decide to wear socks with those sports sandals that athletes wear I could see how they would be more comfortable but they just look weird when paired together. Wear socks with shoes but keep your socks off for sandals since that is the entire point behind a sandal in the first place.

  18. Not tucking in normal dress shirts

    Most dress shirts are made long enough so that when they are worn tucked in and you sit down, they have room to move without coming out. This makes them not suitable for wearing untucked. There are a lot of exceptions to this though and you should make that call on your own. If you come across a dress shirt that is shorter than normal (about half way down your buttocks or short) then those can be worn untucked but any longer dress shirt, just tuck it in.

  19. Not grooming facial hair

    This should be widely known but I have included it just to restate how important being groomed is for professionalism and overall style. Yes, the scruffy look is done on purpose and can be achieved to look rugged and not touched but applying enough control to it to make it look nice and not messy is important. For most other looks, achieving a correctly groomed style is important to looking your best.

  20. Cargo shorts

    I am not sure why some people still wear these since the 1990’s have long been gone but they do rear their heads every now and then. These got left in the 90’s for a reason and should be avoided. Period.

  21. Wearing the right colored shoes

    Pair black suits with black shoes. Pair gray suits with black or camel colored shoes. Pair brown suits with brown or camel shoes and finally, pair navy suits with black, camel, tan or even oxblood colored shoes. Follow these simple rules and you should be fine every time.

  22. Match your Shoes with your Belts

    This goes along with number 21 so try and just pick a color from those pairings and then match your belt with this same color. Pretty simple.


Avoid those 22 mistakes and your style should be pretty much solid. As long as you continue to read up on your fashion for pairing the right colors and patterns and focus on your own fitness you will always look your best. If you think I have missed any important mistakes in men’s style or disagree with any of the above then comment below and let me know.

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