I have compiled a list of my favorite brands of denim jeans. This list is from both personal experience and research done online from other customer’s reviews. The following 5 brands are the top men’s jeans brands on the market currently for 2017.


Levi’s are the go to men’s jeans that most people know about. They are a great foundation to build upon in any man’s closet. If you are starting out with rebuilding your closet this is the brand I would start with. If you have never bought Levi’s jeans they can be a little confusing at first since they use a numbering system to differentiate between their styles.

I have a included a quick guide to go over how Levi jeans are numbered:

I personally prefer the 501s, 505s, and 511s. I have not tried the other styles but based on my personal preference for wearing jeans that fit good that are not too tight that is what I would choose.

These are some examples of these fits:

501 Classic Fit Straight Leg – The classic pair of men’s jeans. These are the go to Levi’s in my opinion. They go best with sneakers or oxfords. They come with a button fly and have 16” leg opening.

505 Regular Fit Straight Leg – Another classic Levi’s jeans these come with a zip fly and are more casual and comfortable. They look more modern but are not skinny jeans.

510 Slim Fit Skinny Leg – For those that like the rockstar look and skinny jeans these are the perfect Levi’s. They have a small amount of spandex that makes them comfortable even with the skinny legs. They go great tucked in with boots.

511 Slim Fit Tapered Leg – Similar to the 510s but with a larger leg opening of about 14 1/2”. They are skinny jeans and go great with a tee shirt and blazer. As with the 510s, they go great with boots tucked in.

513 Slim Fit Straight Leg – A slightly wider pair of jeans than the 510 or 511 they are still slim though. With a leg opening of 15 3/4”, they go great with some dress shoes but will still work with boots.

514 Regular Fit Straight Leg – A more modern pair of jeans these come with slimmer legs but are not skinny jeans. They have a low rise and has a more modern look. They go great with a graphic tee and sneakers and can also work with a collar shirt or button up with dress shoes.

517 Slim Fit Boot Cut – A great pair of jeans to get that modern cowboy look. A slim fit with a wider leg opening of 18 1/4” make them great to wear with cowboy boots or sneakers.

527 Slim Fit Boot Cut – Another pair of jeans for the cowboy look. These have the traditional boot cut with the 18 1/4” leg opening and go great with cowboy boots. They have a slim seat and thighs which make them look more modern.

541 Atheltic Fit Straight Leg – These are great for those that want the best of both worlds: style and comfort. They have more room for the legs with the athletic fit but are slim enough to look stylish. They are great jeans for having a more loose fit with a mid rise that are great for movement.

550 Relaxed Fit Tapered Leg – This pair of jeans is geared more towards the comfort and away from the slim or skinny jeans. They have a tapered leg with a 16 1/2” opening and go great with sneakers or oxfords.

559 Relaxed Fit Straight Leg – Another pair of jeans that are great for comfort and movement. They have a low rise with a relaxed fit which gives you more room for the seat and thigh. They work will with almost any type of shoes.

560 Loose Fit Tapered Leg – On the opposite end of thet spectrum of style these are pure comfort. They are loose fitting that have tapered legs at around the knees.

569 Loose Fit Straight Leg – As the last major style of Levi’s these are loose and baggy. They have a wide 18 1/2” leg opening and have a lad back cut which make them great as a casual pair of jeans.


Diesel is an Italian clothing company located in Breganze, Italy. They provide great high-quality clothing, shoes, and accessories. They are widely known for their crazy advertisements. They were founded in 1985 when Renzo Rosso bought the brand name for half a million dollars. From there they began purchasing other fashion companies and have grown to more than a 1.3 billion dollar company (2009).

I have personally purchased a lot of Diesel clothing and have loved every piece. My favorite Diesel pieces are their shoes but their jeans are great quality. Below are my favorite 4 that they offer that look great with anything. Make sure the color shade matches your upper half.

INC International Concepts

Formally known as I N C International Concepts, they are a brand that is runway-inspired and sell accessories, shoes, jewelry and clothing for today’s style-minded generation. They are sold at different outlets but Macy’s is the major retailer that carries them and it is where I have gone to purchase these jeans.

These are a newer brand that I have found and started using. They have some great designs though some are over the top. I would recommend checking out their different styles and trying them on. They are right around average for pricing but they look great on anyone.

Some of the INC jeans I personally recommend:

True Religion

True Religion Brand Jeans is an American fashion company. They are out of California and were founded in 2002. They are a premium denim brand and everything is handmade in the USA. They have around 900 boutiques around 50 countries and are a large company.

Probably the most expensive brand that I have bought ($100-200+) but the pairs that I have bought have been the best and most comfortable jeans I have ever purchased. They felt like I was wearing nothing at all and were made from a very high-quality fabric. Anyone that sees you wearing True Religions knows that the jeans are high quality. I don’t recommend buying too many pairs but at least one pair of jeans is a must-have in your wardrobe. Avoid the ones with the flashy back pockets as they get a little tacky.

Some of the True Religion jeans I have bought:


Express, Inc. is an American fashion retailer which focuses on younger men and women. They are out of Ohio and have over 600 stores in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico alone. Making over 2 billion dollars in 2016 they are one of the largest clothing retailers and probably my favorite that caters to younger people.

As one of my favorite stores so this one may be a little biased but no I am not making any money by listing them. Express jeans are like most of their offering, of great quality that lasts a very long time as long as you take care of them. They have a great offering to choose from with many different styles like most of the other brands on this list. Their clothing and accessories can range from affordable to pricey but everything they sell is very stylish and hard to go wrong with.

Some of my favorite Express jeans: