Well, it is now officially summer. Those summer days of 90+ degree weather are here. It has started to become a daily task to look at the weather before deciding what to wear every day. There are things you can do to make your day a little more comfortable depending on if you have to be outside of air conditioning or not.

I have always wondered how some men are able to dress in the summer and still manage to look their best. It’s a feat I thought was extremely uncomfortable especially if you must be outside of air-conditioned temperatures. We all know how it feels to wear a suit or how hot certain outfits are so I decided I would write up a few tips that will help you be able to handle the heat better. Follow the following 8 tips and be able to look good while in hot weather. I am talking about 90 plus degrees hot.

  1. Know your Fabrics – I wanted to start with the most important point first. Knowing your fabrics is everything when mixing fashion with comfort. Even in winter knowing your fabrics will help you stay warm. Same thing in the summer. Knowing which fabrics to wear can make the difference between a comfortable outfit and a miserable experience. The following fabrics will keep you cool in high temperatures:
    • Linen – a lightweight linen will help you stay cool. The less heavy the fabric the more your skin can breathe and the more air you can feel. It won’t hold heat in so it helps to stay cool.
    • Cotton – One of the most common fabrics, cotton is similar to linen. The most important part is to make sure it is a lightweight cotton.
    • Silk – One of the more higher-end fabrics, silk can help you keep cool. On top of that, it feels soft-
    • Rayon – A man-made fabric that is light and comfortable.
    • Georgette – A great sheer and airy fabric that will feel great on a hot day. It is similar to chiffon.
    • Jersey – A blended and lightweight fabric that is also stretch.
    • Chambray – Similar to denim but more lightweight. It is a woven fabric that can help you imitate a denim look while staying cool.


  1. Avoid Dark Clothing – Wearing black or any dark colored clothing is one sure way to ruin your day especially if you will be outside. Black is a color that basically absorbs any light so the sunlight that hits your dark clothing is getting absorbed straight into the fabric. That is why if you wear black and stand in the sun you will notice it get noticeably hotter to the touch than any lighter or white clothing. Stick to light colors and if you must wear darker shades then stay away from direct sunlight.


  1. Use Sweat Resistant Clothing – There are a bunch of brands out there that make great sweat proof clothing so there is a lot to choose from. Basically, anything that will help either absorb the sweat or prevent it will work. The following Thompson Tee Sweat Proof Undershirt has some underarm sweat pads that help keep your underarms from sweating out onto your dress shirt and leaving embarrassing sweat marks. Click here for Thompson Tee.


  1. Wear Only Essential Layers – This is an important one that seems like common sense but should be stated: Know which layers you absolutely need to pull off the look you are going for. If the outfit you need has too many layers to be pulled off then maybe look for an alternative with less essential layers. For a dressy occasion, you will need to have an undershirt so using a sweat resistant shirt is important (Point #3).


  1. Know How Your Body Retains Heat – All parts of your body lose heat the same but some parts lose heat faster than others. Your head loses heat though there are studies that show it probably isn’t as much as people used to think. It is something you have to take into consideration since you may want to avoid any headwear if possible. Other areas include your extremities such as your hands or feet. Wearing lightweight socks may go a long way and of course avoiding wearing anything over your hands. Your groin is another area but going commando may not be a good idea. The armpits also lose heat faster than most areas on your body so taking that into consideration is important as mentioned in the last 2 points.



  1. Drink Cool Liquids – It goes without saying that drinking water and staying hydrated are important to staying cool but it sometimes gets overlooked as a fashion tip for warm weather. Drinking cool liquids will help cool down your body and will make it easier to deal with hot weather in clothes that otherwise would provide some discomfort.


  1. Avoid Direct Sunlight If Possible – This goes along with point #2. In any situation where you are outside you want to look for any place that you can avoid direct sunlight and try to stay there or areas like that as long as possible. Wearing lighter colors as mentioned before helps if you need to alternate between being in sunlight and not but avoiding it all together is recommended if possible.


  1. Wear Protective Clothing – This is something I learned while working construction for a year. At first, it seemed counterintuitive but after trying it I learned that it worked. Wearing longer sleeves helped me stay out of direct sunlight and though I thought I would retain more heat by doing so it actually felt better than if I were wearing short sleeves. This point is aimed at showing that wearing dress clothes for an outside event is ok and should be the way to go if that is the dress code rather than choosing a short sleeve dress shirt. Even in a casual get together you can get away with pants and long sleeves if you want as long as you follow the other tips in this list.


I hope that these tips help you figure out a contingency plan for your next outfit in this hot summer heat. I know it has helped me tremendously just using some of these tips daily when even just talking about going to and from work and staying cool in those spots that don’t have air conditioning. If you have any other tips that I don’t mention let everyone know in the comments below so we can all stay cool this summer.