Men's Outerwear Guide: Part 1

The peacoat is one of the more popular coats out of all common men’s outerwear as it is one of the most versatile. The Peacoat is a shorter length jacket compared to other jackets such as Trench coats or Top coats.


A peacoat is double-breasted and has wide lapels most of the time that doubles as a collar. They are usually worn as a more casual jacket rather than on top of dress clothes though it can be worn with dress clothes to take it up a notch.


This is my favorite type of coat to layer and my go-to outerwear choice.

The History of the Peacoat

The history of the peacoat is a little unknown as many have claimed to be the true inventors from the English to the Dutch and even some specific shops. One thing is clear, though, the pea coat was used for sailors and went from the Royal Navy to the US Navy. From there it seems that the Prince of Wales may have popularized it in the 1800’s and it’s been a favorite of many ever since.


The most common description of a peacoat as described by the US Navy: A double-breasted, hip-length coat made of dark fabric with a convertible collar, a set-in pocket in each forefront, and a single row of four buttons down the right front and three on the left.


Below are some example of modern peacoats.

How To Wear a Peacoat

As far as wear, most peacoats are worn with less casual clothing. Most pea coats have an inner button on the left side where the right side is buttoned first and then the left side would be buttoned on top. The collar is left unbuttoned most of the time except in inclement weather. The sleeve length should be around three inches from the knuckles at the end.

Peacoats are made out of wool. The button design used to be an important factor of the peacoat but is less so today though you can still find some pretty intricate button designs.


They should be worn fitted but not so tight that the coat pulls and wrinkles when buttoned.


As I mentioned earlier, the peacoat can be worn with casual clothing but can be worn on top of dressier clothes. In my opinion, they look better on the casual side. You should layer it with a cardigan or a dress shirt and jeans.

A v neck sweater or crew neck sweater would also be a great choice. You can wear almost anything under a peacoat since it can be paired with most casual shirts.

Lastly, the most important tip I like with the peacoat is to wear a scarf to finish the overall look as a scarf elevates the overall style greatly.