Before we get straight into all the technical stuff in this article I wanted to tell a story about the situation I found myself in and how learning about hairstyles helped me save 6 months of regret.

For the last few years, I have always sported a buzz cut hairstyle. It was the easiest hairstyle to maintain since it maintained itself and I could always just give myself a haircut. I saved myself trips to the barber and never had to spend more than 1 minute in the morning getting it ready. That, of course, is all great until you get tired of the same hairstyle.

It came time for a change:

I started looking around on the web and found a few styles that I liked. I just did some initial searching of hair style names and then googled images of those styles. I tried to find faces that looked similar to mine and used that as the foundation for my search. I focused on the undercut and side swept hairstyles which looked like they would look good on me.

I didn’t know for sure though since I had never grown my hair out that long before. I knew it would take at least 6 months to get to anywhere close to where I wanted to be and I did not want to regret it half a year later.

Hair takes 1 month to grow ½ inch so 3 inches will take 6 months.

So, I did what anyone else would do in my situation. I started looking online and studying how to find a hairstyle that will work for you. I came across the different face types thing which I had never even thought about before and took a test to find out which face type I had.

After determining I had an oblong face I did more research on which hairstyles looked good on an oblong face. Luckily for me, the oblong face can wear mostly any hairstyle and is the most versatile face type. Even though there are guidelines for each hairstyle it doesn’t mean that it will look good on you.

In the end, these are just guidelines that you should factor into your personal opinion to decide what hairstyle you want.

Choosing the right hairstyle is something that requires research and thought. It requires patience and dedication. With the right guide and information, you can achieve the perfect hairstyle for your face type and look your best.

Guidelines To Choosing the Right Hairstyle.

  1. Understanding which face type you have.

    The different face types:

    Oval– Face length is longer than the width. The forehead is wider than the jawline. The jawline angle is more rounded and less pronounced.

    Square – The width and length are similar. The forehead, jawline, and cheekbones are also close in size.

    Rectangle Face – length is the largest size. As with square types, the forehead jawline and cheekbones are similar in size.

    Diamond– Face length is longest for this type as with the rectangle type. The chin is pointed and the cheekbones as the 2nd largest measurement. The forehead is third and smallest is the jawline.

    Round – Cheekbones and face length are similar for this face type. They are larger than the forehead and jawline (also similar in size). The angle of the jaw is rounded and less defined as with oval types.

    Triangular – Jawline is the largest width, followed by the cheekbones and the forehead as the smallest.

    Each face type has different features that differentiate it from the others. The following test is what I used to find out which face type I had:

  2. Finding hairstyles that fit your face type.

    Each face type has hairstyles that fit it better. Since each face type has features that stand out more you use the hairstyle to either make those stand out or offset them. The following goes into a quick overview of each hairstyle that fits the face types described above. If you want a more in-depth guide download our free e-book below:



    Find out which face type you have and learn which haircuts look best on for your face type and which haircuts to avoid. Find the perfect hairstyle and get some inspiration photos for each specific hairstyle all for free.


    Oval– The oval face type is the ideal face shape for women though for men it’s not the manliest. This face type as the most freedom when choosing hairstyles. Due to its symmetrical and well-proportioned parts, any hairstyle fits allowing for a variety of options.

    Square – Due to the pronounced jawline, this is the most masculine of the face types. This face type also has great freedom when it comes to hairstyles as it can work with short, medium and long style haircuts.

    The best haircuts that complement a square shape are close fades, side parts, and shorter layers. Having some light stubble or a very short beard can give the jawline some extra sharpness without blurring the lines.

    Rectangle Face – The longest of the face shapes this face type is somewhere between an oval and a square face. Usually, you need to make sure your hairstyle is cut in such a way that doesn’t make the face appear longer than it is. This means having a hairstyle that falls to the sides and across the forehead but to avoid hairstyles that resemble undercuts that are brushed back/up (think pompadour).

    Diamond– This face type has some special requirements when it comes to hairstyles since the chin is narrowed. This face is one of the more harder to come across. Go for hairstyles that add width to the forehead while pairing it with a bear that adds width in the chin area.

    Round – This face type is very circular with no obvious lines or angles. Going with a haircut that adds definition to the face is recommended. Quiff haircuts with shorter sides and back work really good. Softer lines and layers are better so that the angles are softened. Try maybe a side sweep or side part with a short stubble.

    Triangular – This face type requires hairstyles that are opposite of the heart shaped face. Going with a style that adds volume is important. Longer length haircuts with fuller sides are key. For the bear go for stubble or none since the wideness of the jawline would look wider with too much beard.

  3. Use your personal opinion and the face type guidelines to choose the one you want.

  4. Depending on how long your hair currently is versus how you want it you can do two things.

    If it is shorter:

    Normally ¼-½ inch of hair growth takes 1 month. 6 months = 1.5-3 inches of hair growth. There are a few tips to growing your hair out faster though I have only ever tried one and I can’t tell for sure if it worked but I did get to where I wanted to faster than ½ an inch a month so take that as you will.

    How to speed up growing your hair:

    • Use conditioner when you shampoo: Conditioner helps replace proteins inside the hair shaft and helps seal the cuticle. This prevents your hair from getting damaged and lets your hair grow longer and look healthier.
    • Don’t Shampoo Every time: If you shampoo your hair every time you shower you will strip your hair of important natural oils which keeps strands soft and healthy. You should shampoo every now in then to take the dirt and product build-up out of your hair but overdoing it actually does more bad than good.
    • Massage your Scalp: This is what I did personally which helped grow my hair faster. Massaging helps promote blood flow to the scalp which stimulates the hair.
    • Eat a Healthy Diet: Eating a diet rich in protein and vital vitamins and minerals help keep your hair healthy and growing faster. Choose foods high in vitamins A, B, C, E, iron, zinc, copper, magnesium, and selenium. Avoiding nutritional deficiencies helps to avoid unhealthy hair.
    • Take Vitamin B-Complex: Along with eating a healthy diet, taking a vitamin b-complex is extremely important for making your hair grow faster.

    How to Choose hairstyles while growing out your hair:

    Since growing your hair out takes so long it will take a few months to get to the right length depending on the style you are going for. Taking this into consideration before choosing a style is very important since you will have a hairstyle that you are not going for during this entire time. There are things you can do while growing your hair but what you can do all depends on the end game.

    For example, if you are growing it out completely you will just have to wait. On the other hand, if you are growing a medium length undercut brushed back hairstyle then you can get an undercut hairstyle while you are growing it out and just never cut the top. This way your hair on top keeps growing but you can still maintain a hairstyle which looks good while you wait. This is exactly what I did.

    What I recommend after choosing the hairstyle that you want and finding out the amount of time it will take to get there:

    • Find the name of your hairstyle.
    • Google the hairstyle you want and look up either medium or short version of the hairstyle you want. These will be the in between haircuts you will use in the meantime.
    • Once you have photos of the hairstyles you will have while you grow your hair out then follow the rest of the steps in this list. Make sure you take photos of your target hairstyle to your barber so they know what it is you are trying to achieve and that the current haircut you are getting is just a placeholder while you grow it out. This way they know what to cut and what to leave alone.

    Once or if your hair is longer/same length as your target hairstyle:

    Find as many photos of the hairstyle you want from different angles if possible to take to your barber. I want to stress this since barbers are all different and have different levels of experience. Where one barber will be able to nail your hair on the first try with just some descriptions another may completely ruin months or years of work in a few minutes even with a photo.

  5. Research a Barbeshop or Barber right for the job.

    Researching a barber/barbershop is very important and requires some knowledge of what to look for.

    My younger brother at the time was also looking for a new hairstyle. He had it easier than me since he already had long hair and it wouldn’t take months to get to where he wanted. All he needed to do was take a trip to the barber. His problem came when he went and they didn’t cut his hair exactly like he wanted.

    So I stress, finding the right barber is probably the next most important step in getting the right hairstyle.

    There is a great article from The Art of Manliness has great tips for picking the right barber. (linked below)

    Some takeaways from their blog post:

    1. Ask around. If you’re new in town or aren’t happy with your current barber then the first thing you need to do is ask around for recommendations. Use social media and ask your friends. Ask friends that have a similar hairstyle to what you are aiming for.
    2. Search online. After asking people for recommendations, check out the web. You will find reviews left by past clients once you have specific barbershops in mind. Looking at their Google reviews and social media accounts will help you find which barbers in those shops are the go-to barbers. This will also help you root out those that may have bad experiences with other people. Use sites like and at the barbershop. They have some great points to look for:
  6. Styling Your Hairstyle (If necessary)

    The best option for this is to take some recommendations from your barber and to use YouTube and the Internet to find videos and guides for your specific hairstyle. There are too many styles for me to ever get close to covering it in this post alone. I plan to do a large guide in the future to styling ever popular men’s hairstyle so I will link to that once it is finished.In the meantime, use YouTube and the Internet. I personally recommend Bluuman’s and AlphaM’s videos.What I recommend are hair gel/wax products that I have tried and used. From the 10 or so products I have tried the following is my favorite:

    Elegance Hairstyle Hair Wax – Out of all the hair gel products I have tried this is the only product that has the hold that I need without making my hair feel like cement. It leaves your hair softer than it was originally and has just the right amount of shine to make it seem natural. Definitely my favorite hair wax product.

    I have also heard BluuMaan’s products and Pete & Pedro are great. I haven’t personally tried either but I recommend checking those out if Elegance doesn’t work for you.

  7. Maintaining Your Hair

    1. Wash Hair Properly – Washing your hair with shampoo sparingly will help keep it’s natural oils and look healthier. This doesn’t mean avoiding showers or water in your hair. This is just regarding shampooing your hair. Shampoo your hair every other day or twice a week.
    2. Use Shampoos that avoid sulfates or parabens – Sulfates are chemicals that lather up your hair. Parabens are preservatives that cause irritation after long use. Both aren’t healthy for your hair or the environment. Aim for shampoos that come with natural cleansers.
    3. Use conditioner – As mentioned earlier in this post, condition your hair every time you shampoo. An exception to this rule of thumb is to use less if your hair is processed or dyed. Deep conditioning is good for your hair and helps keep it soft, healthy and moisturized.
    4. Rinse your hair with vinegar before shampooing twice a year – This I learned from my mother. It is something that is done in Venezuela that helps keep hair shinier and cleaner. It doubles as a dandruff treatment. Use 1 part vinegar (apple cider vinegar is best) with 3 parts warm water. Rinse your hair and wash it as you normally would afterwards.
    5. Moisturize your hair – Use the following oils: castor, almond, olive, coconut, and lavender. Mix together equally and apply to your hair. Leave it in for 4 hours prior to taking a shower. Repeat this twice a week to keep your hair moisturized. Alternatively, you can use egg oil though I prefer the 5 oils.
    6. Naturally dry your hair or use a blow dryer on cool – Try to avoid blow drying your hair if possible. If your hairstyle requires it then use the lowest temperature setting and try to limit doing it. I would recommend a blow dryer with a cool setting.
    7. Trim your hair regularly – For longer hair, trimming your hair regularly helps get rid of split ends. Split ends will continue to go up your hair follicle and make hair closer to the scalp look less healthy and actually stump hair growth.
    8. Avoid dying your hair too much – Dying and treating your hair too much can take a lot out of it. Those who do it naturally don’t experience the same problem with dry damaged hair. Over processing hair is one of the worst things you can do to it long term. If you do dye your hair or treat it, only do it once in a while. Take a break from doing so if possible and give your hair time to naturally breath.
    9. Eat healthy – As mentioned earlier in growing your hair out faster, eating healthy will give your hair the right amount of vitamins. Since hair is made up of proteins, eating a balanced diet rich in proteins, whole grains, vegetables, and fruits will ensure that your hair looks and feels better.
    10. Avoid Stress where possible – Physical and mental stress will keep your hair from its full potential. Stress can cause hair loss which will make keeping any hairstyle almost impossible. Find healthy emotional outlets for your stress like yoga, exercise, or meditation.

Last Few Tips

Choosing the right hairstyle does take some work and a lot of patience. In the end, though, it is very much worth it.

It is now 6 months later and I am happy with my hairstyle since it looks good though I plan to continue growing it out and go for a longer version of the same hairstyle.

Let me know if you have had similar experiences growing out your hair or if you have different tips that other people could use below.