The Different Types of Men’s Hair Style Products


There are three different styles of hair products for men for the most part:


  • Hair Wax/Gel – These can go by many different names from Putty, Clay, Glue, Molding Crème or even Styling Paste. They all accomplish the same thing: they make your hair look styled effortlessly with a medium hold. They vary in shine from very low to medium or low high. They are meant to use on a daily basis. A great plus I get from this is the texture it applies to my hair when I use it. They provide a semi-messy look which doesn’t look like you just woke up and went out to conquer the world. Their main ingredients are bees wax or some sort of wax. Most are water soluble which makes it great for washing out when needed.


  • Pomade – Pomades are very similar to hair wax products with the major difference of having a lot more hold and shine. They are the go to product when you want that 1950’s ‘Mad Men’ look. Great for slick back hair styles or pompadour hair styles. They work best with straight or curly hair as do hair wax/gel. The high shine and super hold is what makes it stand out from hair waxes. Just make sure you don’t need to move your hair a lot as this will cement your hair into shape for the day. I have never personally used pomade but have many friends who use a few brands that they swear by. I have included some in the list below.


  • Styling Cream – The last style of hair products for men is styling cream. This is like a cousin of either of the last two products. Rather than being waxy, gelly or solid., styling cream is a thick liquid which is used more for curly hair. It offers low shine and offers no hold. It is used more to handle frizz and control the hair rather than hold or shape it. You can manage your hair easier without having to dry it.


Each have their pros and cons and are meant to be used in different situations.

If you have no idea which of the above to try then first look at the hairstyle you have or want and go from there. If you are going for most hairstyles such has undercuts or side swept hairstyles, then go for hair wax. On the other hand, if you want a pompadour or something that has high hold and shine go with some pomade. Lastly, for those with curly hair that aren’t trying to mold their hair, go with styling cream. You can always wash your hair and try another if it doesn’t come out right after all.

Top 5 Hairstyles Products for Men

Once you know which type you need for your hair it’s time to do some research and find one that works. Luckily for your, I have already done months of testing all sorts of products from those found in Walmart to those online. From personal experience, conversations with other men who use these products and my own research online I have compiled the following simple list:

  1. Elegance Hair Wax – $10 – This one I got recommended by my personal barber. I had never even heard of this brand when doing research online but the first time he used it on me after a haircut I was hooked. I asked him to show me what product it was and have never stopped buying it since. I highly recommended you try it. The main pro: It provides amazing hold and shine while keeping your hair feeling even better than it would naturally. It truly is amazing.
  1. Pete & Pedro Hair Products – $20 – This brand of products I learned from both Shark Tank and Aaron Marino’s IAmAlpha YouTube videos. I bought myself the putty and clay and used it as instructed. Great results both times and would continue using once my Elegance runs out. Have not tried their other lines so it may be worth it especially their pomade. Check out the rest of their products on their website:
  1. American Crew Fiber – $10 – I have never used this one but have heard it mentioned a few times online. Based on its Amazon Reviews they have some ups and downs. Most are positive though to be fair such as:

I’ve found my go-to hair product with the American Crew Fiber Cream. I was hesitant because of the odd look and chunky texture when you first touch it, but once I used it I can basically toss out most of the more expensive gorilla snot, beyond the zone, and so many other products I’ve tried over the years. A quick list of what I like best about this product:

Matte finish, almost no shine!
Pliable hair, no stiff plastic feel
Hair looks and feels thicker
Adequate hold for my standards
I personally like the smell

Doesn’t hold as well as the “hardcore” stuff
Washes out easy at the gym (but seriously you should shower and reapply after sweating profusely anyway)
Learning curve on getting just the right amount of dampness in the hair for your type of desired application.

  1. Fellow Barber Strong Pomade – $22 – Another one that is in the same basket as American Crew Fiber. Never used it but on the list of all hair products for men, this makes my top 4 based on reviews and comparisons. I will also provide an Amazon review for this one (seems like it smells like a star of anise – so take that into consideration before purchasing):

Personally, I love the anise smell. Better than the usual perfumey stuff

  1. Bluumann Pomade – $21 – My brother uses this brand and swears by it. He has a longer top with short undercut sides and back. I haven’t tried it so don’t know what the hold feels like but he does use it all day and it doesn’t seem to give out half way through the day like most hair products. He says recommends it as his own number 1 so on the top 5 it goes. Give it a try. This guy also has some seriously good Youtube videos.

If you are still in the process of growing out your hair or even deciding on which hairstyle to go for then I recommend reading my article: XXX here.

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